22 Dec


Working Capital Financing-i

Working capital is the lifeblood of any business to operate effectively and efficiently. KFH Malaysia understand your needs and hence offer facilities to enhance your business cash flow through innovative products.

     Product Feature:

  • Attractive margin of financing
  • Customised quarterly, half-yearly or yearly payments
  • Effective cost management with a fixed profit rate

Project Financing-i / Contract Financing-i

Part of your business success involves prudent cash management. Here at KFH Malaysia, we offer your business a wide range of financial solutions to meet your project financing / contract financing cash flow requirements.

     Product Feature:

  • Financing is available for any project acceptable by the bank
  • Margin of financing is on case-to-case basis
  • Financing period of 2-4 years but not exceeding the duration of the project

Asset Backed Financing-i

With KFH Asset Backed Financing-i, we work hand in hand with you to offer the best facilities to help support your business growth. Choose to sell and lease back your existing asset to KFH Malaysia with the intention to gain ownership of it at the end of the lease period. Our products are designed based on 2 Islamic concepts to meet your requirements, namely Ijarah and Ijarah Muntahiah Bi Tamlik.

     Product Feature:

  • Flexible terms to suit your requirements
  • Maximises the value of your collateral to obtain your required working capital
  • Open for any asset/machinery/equipment acceptable to the bank
  • Ability to choose the most ideal financing term based on your requirements

Trade Financing-i : Murabahah Working Capital Financing-i

A financing facility under the Murabahah contract, to finance domestic or international trade documents against Inward Bills for Collection or Open Account.

Murabahah refers to the sales of goods at a price, which includes cost plus profit as agreed by both seller and the buyer. This contract allows the customer to take delivery of the goods immediately on arrival and settle with the Bank on a deferred payment arrangement.

  • Using this facility:
    • KFH Malaysia purchases or appoints the customer as its agent to purchase the goods on its behalf
    • Upon delivery of goods, KFHMB pays the supplier at sight or upon maturity of credit term for the cost of goods based on the invoice value
    • KFH Malaysia subsequently sells the goods to the customer on deferred payment terms at a price inclusive of the Bank’s profit
    • Customer will undertake to settle the selling price on the maturity date
  • Benefits
    • Enables the customer to settle payment obligation to the seller
    • Facilitates convenient cash flow management of a business by having a fixed rate financing nature
    • As a prudent and reliable basis in the preparation of the business projection, since the selling price will not be affected by fluctuation in the Base Financing
  • Rate
    • Can provide up to 100% financing of invoice value




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